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1a. Since I'll be off to a conference tomorrow and will have limited internet access for the next couple of days, I thought I'd say hi to my new friends from the SPN friending meme right now! So, HI. o/

1b. I have yet to watch tonight's episode of SPN, but! I am downloading it right now so that I can watch it on my phone on the plane tomorrow. On the one hand, that should make the bajillion hours + bajillion layovers (WHY NO CHEAP DIRECT FLIGHT) more bearable (for 42 minutes) -- but on the other hand, I cannot spew my feels online. DILEMMA.

1c. I want to be a dork and pretend that my black-with-a-strap poster tube actually contains a weapon (arrows? :D), but I'll bet the TSA would come after me. Also, I'm already worried that they won't let me take it on the plane as a carry-on. /o\

1d. I don't know why I am still on the internet when I haven't packed yet, oh my god. [/failure]

2a. Some of you lovely folk talked about podfic! While podfic is delightful and wonderful and I love them ever so, I don't post any here. But! You can find them at [ profile] cantapodpatrol. :]

2b. If you like SPN and podfic, you should consider signing up for Cake Swap! \o/

Join us at the [ profile] cakehole_club for CAKE SWAP, a Supernatural and Supernatural RPF podfic gift exchange!

3. I thought I had a third point, but I GUESS NOT. I should go pack so that I am not clothesless for the next few days. /o\ HOW IS IT PAST MIDNIGHT ALREADY.

Date: 2013-01-18 05:52 am (UTC)
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Aw, you're secretly Katniss aren't you! (or Hawkeye, maybe!) Whatevs, arrows are cool these days, I'm sure airport security will understand.


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