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(Wee!Jensen hugging Mooseling!Jared, brainchild[ren?] of [ profile] applegeuse :>)

I spent all morning reading Yuletide fics and nomming on bits of turkey. Now my choice is to either take a nap or to make like Rodney McKay rip someone's article to shreds (metaphorically). I've been avoiding posting on LJ for the past while because actively refraining from posting makes me feel less like a procrastinator...or something. I refresh my LJ flist and my Twitter feed every ten minutes, though, so. X3;;;

This is the first Christmas in the past three years that we didn't go down south somewhere, but that's probably a good thing because I had 150 exams to grade (I'm...60% done? or 70%, maybe? NO MORE TA-ing NEXT SEMESTER), 1 paper to write (umm...I'll get to this soon? Or beg for an extension ;;;), 1 paper to review (most professors find reviewing to be a burden, but as a lowly student, it is an ~honour. However, it means that I need to actually work on it), and lots of studies to work on (I don't even know anymore... /o\). I think school is making me lose weight again. \o\ I should do what my younger cousin did and go marry a fisherman so that I can play with dogs and lobsters and go boating instead of write papers.

I watched In Bruges with my parents last night. Nothing made sense in that movie! \o\ It just made me want to say the f-word a lot, afterwards. Tonight, we're going to watch something more brainless and action-y -- Red. Either that or Midnight in Paris, but shit blowing up sounds more fun.

I'm going to NYC for a few days with [ profile] lilie_charlotte next week -- we have no idea what the heck we're going to do while we're there. We'll probably plan tomorrow night. Or at the airport the next day. :>;;; (such a contrast from our UK trip, where we would message back-and-forth on Facebook, with links to hotels/tours/passes, for 4-5 hours per day, weeks before our trip -- well, planning was a heck a lot more fun than studying for comps. XD)

In a week (+ a bit), I'm going to turn old. :( I keep forgetting this fact. I WANT TO STAY YOUNG FOREVERRRR \o\ At what point would one be considered to be in one's "mid-twenties"? Concerned minds wish to know.
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