Oct. 14th, 2012

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HI. :D Since the letter is due today, I will try to make it short and simple. XD

ETA; Oct 10, 2014: I'm participating for the fourth year in a row! My trope preferences haven't changed, but my fandom preferences have changed somewhat -- same deal as last year: new fandoms in italics, and removed fandoms are crossed out. Also, I'm A-okay with repods! It's completely up to you! Since I don't have a Pinboard, I've listed a very small handful of favourite (podfic-friendly, for the most part) authors under each fandom, but you absolutely don't have to stick with these options (I didn't want to go on a listing rampage!)! I just provided a few of them since I know some people prefer to have more specific information to work with. :)

ETA; Oct 9, 2013: Since my preferences haven't changed drastically from last year, I'm just going to update this dear-podficcer letter instead of writing a new one. :> New fandoms are in italics, and removed fandoms are crossed out.

\o/ )

Thank you, #itpe-er, you are awesomepants,

P.S. Conveniently enough, I have compiled a list of SPN/SPN RPF writers with blanket permission right here. :>

P.P.S. I keep incorrectly typing "#itpe" as "#ipte", but then I remember what [livejournal.com profile] applegeuse said: "i hope you are also pronouncing it as IT-PEE in your head". XD (also, [livejournal.com profile] applegeuse is a sparkly kidney-stealing unicorn who knows which SPN/SPN RPF authors I like EVERYTHING, jsyk ;))


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