Oct. 12th, 2012

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I want to take up drawing again (I also kind of want to take up the violin again, and learn the ukulele, and pretty much do All The Things That Are Not School-Related). I haven't drawn since forever, so I googled some Sam&Dean hugging screencaps and did a few sketches (HOW DO HANDS WORK HOW HOW HOW. TIME TO WORK THROUGH SOME TUTORIALS. *flumps*).
+3 )

+ Was Kevin's mom's actress re-cast because the original actress was unavailable? (or maybe his mom is actually a demon/whatever and changes meatsuits every once in a while, which explains how she took all the supernatural things in stride \o\) But: Julie! From Friends! \o\ /o/ \o\

+ Kevin's mom is a BAMF akd;fjs;lfj♥

+ THAT SCENE IN PURGATORY. It was like a convoluted love triangle. /o\ OH, DEAN.

+ OH, DEAN, again, because WHAT HAS PURGATORY DONE TO YOU? /O\ It's as if he and robo!Sam switched personalities, what with the cold-blooded killing of innocents for ~the ~greater ~good and all. (the parallels between S7 and S6 are kind of...too blatant? Like, Dean [robo!Sam] being all, "Kill all the things! Even if innocents have to be sacrificed!" And Sam [S6!Dean] trying out the ~normal ~life)

+ I think Crowley is my favourite villain so far. YED was a creeper, Lilith didn't get enough screen time, Eve was a red herring, Lucifer was a bag of dicks, and the Leviathan were a bigger bag of dicks. Crowley...has more entertainment value.

It's the the time of the year where I listen to The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack on repeat~~


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