Aug. 23rd, 2012

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I went on an ~epic ~roadtrip with [ profile] lilie_charlotte (M) last week to Canada's east coast. We hit three provinces in nine days, attempted to sing along to Korean pop (trololol), took a bajillion photos, got lost, got stuck in a ditch in the middle of nowhere at night, went to a police station, ate a McLobster, and Other Things.

Thank goodness M's cell phone has better reception than mine because we relied on its gps for the entire trip. My phone's reception failed as soon as we got out of range of the bigger cities. /o\ I think we would've been a lot tenser if we were driving around the countryside with no cell reception on either of our phones! M kindly chauffeured me around because I can't drive. ;) I also can't navigate all that well (HOW DO HIGHWAYS WORK a;sldkfjsdlfjLOOPS) and have a tendency to fall asleep in moving vehicles -- it's quite mentally tiring to stay awake and keep an eye out on the road + Google maps on a teeny iPhone screen. XD;;

Details and photos under the cut!

epic rocks! epic lighthouses! epic ocean! )

We had expected this trip to be more relaxing than our UK and NYC trips. We were planning to sit on the beach and read; I downloaded a bunch of fics and podfics to read and listen to. That didn't happen. XD There wasn't even any time for me to nap!

Also, I was dumb and left my cell phone charger at the last B&B we stopped at. Thankfully, the owners said they'd mail it back to me. ^^;; In the meantime, I've connected my Android phone with my mom's Blackberry Playbook cable to the iPhone charger that I stoleacquired from my dad.

THE END. (this post took forever to write. I'm going to bed now. \o\ I feel like I could sleep for a week!)


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