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1. My new year's resolution is to be less of an antisocial hermit (I kick-started this resolution by actually going to a new year's eve party rather than rolling myself up in a blanket burrito and reading fic. 10 points to me~) My other resolution is to be less of a failbot, but I'm not doing so well on that one. \o\

1.5 I've noticed that the traffic on LJ has been declining drastically over the past few months (probably due to a combination of the increasing popularity of Twitter/Tumblr/etc and LJ's own fuck-ups). Part of my resolution is to be more social online as well as offline, so tell me how I can interact and socialize with you! Yes, YOU, right there, reading this entry. I am always up for chatting about fannish things and capslocking about random things and, idk, discussions about human behaviour and whatnot.

I'm unalignable on Twitter, fishpatrol at DW (I haven't updated this account since last year \o\ if you post exclusively on DW, let me know! I haven't checked my...reading circle? --is that what they're called?-- in ages); I'm considering opening a Tumblr account, but it is like VORTEX OF UNENDING IMAGES -- you fall in and by the time you climb back out, five hours have already gone by. /o\

If you communicate primarily by email/gchat, I'm meemobunny[at]gmail (I am always so uncertain whether or not I should just chat at someone if I see them online \o\ WHAT IF THEY DON'T WANT TO TALK. /O\ So, here: if I'm online, you can always chat at me!) I also have Whatsapp, so if that's your preferred method of communication, we can exchange numbers through, idk, PMs or something.

[/TALK TO ME...?]

2. 2012 has been kind of a shit-show. 2013 hasn't been significantly better, but hey, it's only been two days. (more about this in a locked entry, later -- this is a it's-a-new-year-let's-be-optimistic post)

3. So, about a month ago, I accidentally fell into the hockey RPF fandom, oops. I thought it was just a ~passing ~phase, but I've now recorded a one-hour long podfic and I kind of want to record more, so, uh, IDEK. Poor [ profile] applegeuse has had to endure my incessant vomming of hockey feels. Mostly, I say stuff like I am totally ~doing ~sports ~wrong, because I care very little about the actual skill of the players, or how good a team is -- I ONLY CARE ABOUT HOW AMUSING THE PLAYERS ARE AS ~PEOPLE (I love watching behind the scenes videos, etc akdslfjdsj). It just so happens that the better players get more interviews/behind the scenes/etc, so I end up liking the ones that play well because of COINCIDENCE. \o\ /o/ \o\ I'll bet I could totally get roped into American football RPF and/or European football (soccer :P) RPF as well, if they had a ton of fics and a ton of lolarious videos sdklafjlad;j THERE IS JUST SOMETHING DELICIOUS ABOUT A BUNCH OF DUDES WHO ARE RIDIC DEDICATED TO A RIDIC GAME AND, LIKE, ~FEEL INTENSE ABOUT THE GAME AND TO EACH OTHER AND ARE PROBABLY ALL FAILBOTS OUTSIDE OF THEIR RIDIC GAME. THEY ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER (LIVING TOGETHER, BEING ON THE ROAD TOGETHER, PLAYING TOGETHER) AND BOND OVER THEIR INTENSE FEELS ABOUT THEIR RIDIC GAME. IT IS LIKE BOARDING SCHOOL STORIES (which I have always enjoyed in real!books and fic :>) BUT MORE ~INTENSE. [/vomming feels] And she's like, OMG WHY ARE YOU EVEN IN THIS FANDOM, COME BACK TO SPN/J2. s;alkdfjsl;d \o\ /o/ \o\

(I usually blame [ profile] lemniciate for getting me into random fandoms, but this time, it's totally [ profile] scintilla10's fault. Well, okay, no, not really. It's mostly because I am weaksauce and just need one picture/fic/podfic to pique my interest. X3;; She mentioned the fandom in passing, I lol'ed at her, and the next thing I knew, I was guzzling down the fics on AO3/listened to all of the podfic at least twice/trawled tumblr looking at images and gifs. *MASSIVE FACEPALM* HOW DID I GO FROM THIS TO THIS? creying and slobbing forever /o\)

3.5 ANYWAY. I doodled [ profile] applegeuse a little J2 (feat. the alliterative cats) for being a ~good ~sport (hur hur) about the whole thing.

4. On the one hand, there is no such thing as "too much cake". On the other hand, YES, YES THERE IS. TOO MUCH SUGAR, BLERGH BLERGH.
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