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HI. :D Since the letter is due today, I will try to make it short and simple. XD

ETA; Oct 10, 2014: I'm participating for the fourth year in a row! My trope preferences haven't changed, but my fandom preferences have changed somewhat -- same deal as last year: new fandoms in italics, and removed fandoms are crossed out. Also, I'm A-okay with repods! It's completely up to you! Since I don't have a Pinboard, I've listed a very small handful of favourite (podfic-friendly, for the most part) authors under each fandom, but you absolutely don't have to stick with these options (I didn't want to go on a listing rampage!)! I just provided a few of them since I know some people prefer to have more specific information to work with. :)

ETA; Oct 9, 2013: Since my preferences haven't changed drastically from last year, I'm just going to update this dear-podficcer letter instead of writing a new one. :> New fandoms are in italics, and removed fandoms are crossed out.

The lists I provide below are just suggestions (I've probably left out a bunch of things I like!), so, run freely, darling #itpe podficcer~ The only thing I ask is that my pairing/character preferences are adhered to.

Dresden Files
+ Harry Dresden/John Marcone: anything goes! I prefer fics that aren't too angsty/too focused on Harry's (mostly justified, I suppose) man-pain.
+ and also, I've enjoyed quite a few Dresden/Marcone/Other male character (from the same canon or a totally different universe/canon) fics, so that's another possibility!
(authors: e.g., LuciaZephyr, lightgetsin, thehoyden)

+ James Bond/Q: anything involving my "liked tropes" (see below) :D and preferably minimal descriptions of violence/gore.
(authors: e.g., Desdemon, Stereobone)

Gordan Korman books
+ Macdonald Hall <3333333 My love for this series knows no bounds. Boots/Bruno is wonderful, but I am totally cool with gen as well. OR CROSSOVERS. OR ANYTHING. JUST. ANYTHING WITH MACDONALD HALL (AND/OR MISS SCRIMMAGE'S FINISHING SCHOOL).
+ I'm not as familiar with Korman's other series! \o\ Except for I Want to Go Home and (to a lesser extent) the Bugs Potter series. But hey, I do love me some Mike/Rudy, so if you want to record that pairing, I'm all for it!
(authors: e.g., rageprufrock, calathea)

+ I mostly prefer gen for Community (ensemble shenanigans!), though I do like PG-rated Abed/Troy, Abed/Troy/Annie, Annie/Britta, and/or Jeff/Annie.
(no authors list for this fandom! I like quite a variety and it's hard to pick just a few!)

+ Harvey/Mike: I don't have a top/bottom preference for any of the other fandoms listed here, but for Suits, I'd prefer top!Harvey if this is an R/NC-17-rated fic. :> Again, AU's, non-AU's, anything goes.
(authors: e.g., MajaLi, Closer, rangerdanger)

Hockey RPF
+ Kane/Toews! :D These two goobers and their teammates are my favourites (side note: I do like other pairings too! And other teams! And other characters! But no Sid/Geno, please. Podfics involving Sid and/or Geno in a non-romantic relationship are a-okay, though!) Also, I am 100% with repods, since I know a lot of hockey RPF podfics have been posted over the last year. New podfics, repodded podfics -- I LIKE THEM ALL.

+ Sam/Dean: plotty adventures, pwps, AU's, sex!pollen, curses, protective!Dean, Sam as the Demon King and/or Sam with demonic powers...pretty much anything goes, as long as they're all ~erotically ~codependent and whatnot. :> I have a slight preference for stories from pre-S5, but heck, I'm not overly picky.

Supernatural RPF
+ J2: I adore AU's! Of any kind! In space! In university! In a bookstore! In a hospital! Heck, I can think of a couple of non-AU's that I like as well!

Stargate: Atlantis
+ John/Rodney: AU's, non-AU's -- I like both! I haven't read any SGA in a while, so, surprise me! :>

Tropes/things that I like, in general
+ humour, banter and dialogue
+ action! adventure! magic!
+ AUs and crossovers are A-okay (but preferably crossovers between canons I'm familiar with! XD;;)
+ all sorts of shenanigans :D (pranks ahoy!)
+ pining and UST (but with resolution at the end!)
+ happy endings (angst is fine -- especially if it's angst of the pining variety -- but I would really, really prefer the story to have a resolved ending of some sort :>)

Things that I am not fond of
+ hardcore BDSM, watersports, mpreg, graphic non-con
+ excessive schmoop (I like schmoop! but not in huge doses!), a strong focus on h/c (again, I do like certain types of h/c, but I'd prefer it not be the main focus of the story -- with the exception of Suits, though -- I don't mind hurt!Mike)
+ I remember coming across someone else's #itpe letter mentioning bad grammar and sudden-POV-switches -- these are also things that I am not fond of! :>;; And, please, no excessive use of epithets!

Thank you, #itpe-er, you are awesomepants,

P.S. Conveniently enough, I have compiled a list of SPN/SPN RPF writers with blanket permission right here. :>

P.P.S. I keep incorrectly typing "#itpe" as "#ipte", but then I remember what [ profile] applegeuse said: "i hope you are also pronouncing it as IT-PEE in your head". XD (also, [ profile] applegeuse is a sparkly kidney-stealing unicorn who knows which SPN/SPN RPF authors I like EVERYTHING, jsyk ;))

Date: 2012-10-14 10:26 pm (UTC)
crazybutsound: (Default)
From: [personal profile] crazybutsound
+ I remember coming across someone else's #itpe letter mentioning bad grammar and sudden-POV-switches -- these are also things that I am not fond of! :>;;

I bet that was me because I put that in my list of big NO NO. *g*

Date: 2012-10-14 10:33 pm (UTC)
crazybutsound: (Default)
From: [personal profile] crazybutsound
Yeah, same for me. i think maybe because english isn't my first language, I'm way more sensitive to bad grammar and such. They shake me out of a story immediately.

Date: 2012-10-14 10:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am stealing the part where you mention how I can help your ITPE podficcer vet things. THAT IS A GOOD IDEA.

Date: 2012-10-14 11:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

When I tell your It Pee podficcer that you want tentacles filled with turds, there will be no lubrication at all. UNLESS YOU COUNT PEE. HA HA HA!

Date: 2013-10-10 09:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
But no Sid/Geno, please.

Boo, hiss!


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