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(Wee!Jensen hugging Mooseling!Jared, brainchild[ren?] of [ profile] applegeuse :>)

I spent all morning reading Yuletide fics and nomming on bits of turkey. Now my choice is to either take a nap or to make like Rodney McKay rip someone's article to shreds (metaphorically). I've been avoiding posting on LJ for the past while because actively refraining from posting makes me feel less like a procrastinator...or something. I refresh my LJ flist and my Twitter feed every ten minutes, though, so. X3;;;

This is the first Christmas in the past three years that we didn't go down south somewhere, but that's probably a good thing because I had 150 exams to grade (I'm...60% done? or 70%, maybe? NO MORE TA-ing NEXT SEMESTER), 1 paper to write (umm...I'll get to this soon? Or beg for an extension ;;;), 1 paper to review (most professors find reviewing to be a burden, but as a lowly student, it is an ~honour. However, it means that I need to actually work on it), and lots of studies to work on (I don't even know anymore... /o\). I think school is making me lose weight again. \o\ I should do what my younger cousin did and go marry a fisherman so that I can play with dogs and lobsters and go boating instead of write papers.

I watched In Bruges with my parents last night. Nothing made sense in that movie! \o\ It just made me want to say the f-word a lot, afterwards. Tonight, we're going to watch something more brainless and action-y -- Red. Either that or Midnight in Paris, but shit blowing up sounds more fun.

I'm going to NYC for a few days with [ profile] lilie_charlotte next week -- we have no idea what the heck we're going to do while we're there. We'll probably plan tomorrow night. Or at the airport the next day. :>;;; (such a contrast from our UK trip, where we would message back-and-forth on Facebook, with links to hotels/tours/passes, for 4-5 hours per day, weeks before our trip -- well, planning was a heck a lot more fun than studying for comps. XD)

In a week (+ a bit), I'm going to turn old. :( I keep forgetting this fact. I WANT TO STAY YOUNG FOREVERRRR \o\ At what point would one be considered to be in one's "mid-twenties"? Concerned minds wish to know.
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...except for when I fly across time zones. That's kind of like time traveling too. :]

Anyway, here, my favourite tree ever:

So, remember when I was all, "I'm going to go hiking! But not get lost!" -- least we didn't get lost this time...

~epic hiking adventure~ )

Also, I don't know why it didn't occur to me until two weeks ago that I could just blend a bunch of boiled vegetables & potatoes/yams/etc together and then it ~magically becomes soup. I'd clearly thought about blending vegetables together when I first bought my mini-blender -- but even at that time, I was thinking about raw vegetables. I have been making soup for every other meal and pretty much blending anything/everything I have in the fridge. :>
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1. I liked exactly three things about 7x05: spoilers~ )

2. [ profile] applegeuse and I have really profound conversations:
cut for general inappropriateness and inability to pluralize correctly )

3. I did want to post about Serious Business, but I spent the entire day reading Harry/Snape fics (it's [ profile] lemniciate's fault, because it's always [ profile] lemniciate's fault when I spend an entire day reading fic X3) and I'm in a total fic-induced daze and nothing hurts.
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Waiting for the sleeping pill to kick in so I can enjoy being dead to the world :> conference doesn't officially start until Friday, but there's a doctoral thIngamajig tomorrow and group dinners earlier tonight. I hate being in situations where I have to socialize with tons of strangers, especially when I feel that their opinion matters to me. I think I've been handling myself well enough so far. Tomorrow's events start at 7:15am, so let's see if I can last until Saturday night without collapsing from exhaustion (also hope my ego won't be demolished at the end of this conference! ;;;;;).

My temporal lobe threatened to explode on the plane today. My inner ear is still a bit sore. D:

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Con Summary

Oct. 9th, 2011 11:50 pm
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I want to compile tidbits that I remember from each panel that I attended (I actually tried taking notes on my phone, but autocorrect kept trying to fix my shorthand, so now I have a list of notes that barely make any sense at all ^^;;)

Mostly, I just wanted to share this 1-hr audio recording of the J2 panel. The quality is pretty good (i.e. I was able to listen to it and catch a few comments that I couldn't make out during the actual panel), so, idk, download it if you want it for your own listening pleasure. ;)

eta: I've uploaded the videos that weren't terribly shaky and had funny content. Please note: 1) I took these videos from the second-to-last row and I had to resort to the optical zoom on my camera; 2) but I stayed super quiet so no screams or laughter was emitted directly into the microphone of the camera. ;)

+ Misha laughing about his character in The French Mistake and his manager's reaction to the character
+ Since Jared and Jensen made him laugh so much, Misha asked for two stand-ins
+ Clif making finger-puppets on the screen and Jensen running backstage and coming back with two long tubes
+ Jared and Jensen fooling around with the tubes
+ Jared hugging Jensen (I still can't remember what the original question was ;;;; Note that the hug takes place during the first 5 seconds of the video -- the rest of the video is super shaky, and I kept focusing my camera on Jensen because there was a head obstructing my view of Jared, idk why I kept filming ;;;;;)

This is a pretty comprehensive summary of the panels (again, I envy those who can tweet and listen at the same time!).

This is all I've got from my mish-mash of notes:

Panels )

...and that's all I've got. My dark and blurry pictures probably aren't worth posting, but I'll go through my J2 and Misha panel videos to see if there's anything particularly awesome that I feel compelled to share. ;D
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I am back from my first SPN con ever! It was pretty exciting! I am kind of exhausted and running on fumes now, but if I don't type all of it out now, I won't remember a damned thing by tomorrow. (the people who can listen and tweet at the same time are kind of amazing. I tried and failed miserably.)

ramble-y bits; written mostly for my own sake because, otherwise, this weekend will just be a blur in my mind! no specific spoiler, but there is a brief mention of 7x03 )

Okay, so, that was a huge-ass long entry. I'll post specific actor and show info in a separate entry!
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1. I chipped the corner of my front tooth! On what, I have no idea! D: One second I'm licking at my front tooth (idk) and I'm thinking there's something stuck on it, and the next second I'm like, OMG PART OF MY TOOTH IS MISSING. I have nightmares about my teeth becoming loose and falling out. :(

2. My mom, trying to compliment me on my life choices or something, idk:

MOM: You're like a bomb that's still heading up in its trajectory while other people are heading down [makes hand gestures]
ME: ...did you just compare me to an Angry Bird?

3. I thought my brain was completely fried because I just could not edit the damned paper (like, not a single thing; not even re-arrange the paragraphs), but it turns out I just reeeally don't want to work on that particular paper. I made a teeny bit head-way on a separate project and jotted down a few ideas and a few papers that I need to look up tomorrow (which, yay, every bit counts...or something). But...that still doesn't resolve the issue with the other paper. It ain't gonna edit itself and I have a meeting about it on Wednesday, ugh.

4. I refuse to leave this post on a depressing note, so, here, have a meme that's been making the rounds:

Leave me a comment with the corresponding number(s) and I'll tell you:

1 Five ways to my heart.
2 Something I feel strongly about.
3 A book I love.
4 Things I want to say to an ex.
5 Five pet peeves.
6 What I ate today.
7-26 under the cut )

Be forewarned that my answers for some of these might be on the ridiculous side, especially if I'm coming up with the answer on the spot. ;;;
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I got back from my trip to the UK with [ profile] lilie_charlotte on Friday and spent most of the weekend in a haze (ignoring my school email account, catching up on fic and LJ, sleeping and eating). It was a fun but hectic two weeks, and my vacation time is pretty much over, sadly.

This trip was my first time in Europe, my first time planning a trip without the input (or monetary assistance XD) of my parents, and my first time travelling with a friend. Our days were pretty much jam-packed and between the two of us, we took probably around 3000 photos. We somehow managed to get lost in every city we went to, even with the aid of an iPad (though, to be fair, Google Maps didn't work without wifi and the maps we'd downloaded weren't terribly detailed. ...and also, we're kind of directionally challenged ;;;), so there was a lot of: "We have to turn left here" and "No, dude, we totally need to turn right" and "WTF HOW ARE WE LOST AGAIN".

More details and photos (thumbnails; click to enlarge) under the cut!

epic lakes! epic sheep! epic pile of rocks! )
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I finished the first day of my exam today, whoohoo! It bothers me that I got the last question wrong for sure (no, self, lambda can't be larger than one when it's a proportion, omgfuuuuuuu ;;;; I don't know what the correct answer is, but I know for certain that I'm 100% wrong X3;;;;), but whatever, it's done and over with! I didn't think I could sit still for more than six hours (I ended up taking around seven hours), but I managed to override my urge to just put my head down and take a nap in the middle of the exam. Tomorrow is going to be just as terrifying, but at least it'll be a shorter day! And then, one more day on Thursday, and assuming I pass all of the parts (omg, do not want to take quant again or an econ course D:) this should be my last exam ever! \o/

My collaborators are all like, can you do this and this? Oh, right, you have comps -- do them after comps, okay? And I'm all like, D: D: I want a break D: I still need to email a couple of people and tell them that I'm going to Europe and won't have internet access. X3

Also: Thanks to whomever sent me the anonymous gift! The notification was the first email I read this morning and it definitely made me feel much better before my exam -- so, awesome timing, whomever you are ♥♥!

Also-also: This Castiel-meets-the-Ghostfacers video is hilarious -- even if you're not fan of either Castiel or the Ghostfacers, the video is worth a watch. ;)

Also-also-also: I'm listening to the new Super Junior album and it's delightful ♥ And the album cover? Is lolarious~ (oh, Siwon~~~ XDD)
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Today was full of fannish awesomeness! I didn't get much sleep the night before because I was scrambling to finish a write-up that I really should have completed a week ago (D:) and the thunderstorm hit just as I was about to go to bed (fml).

I was in a zombie state all morning, but my energy picked up when [ profile] cantarina1, [ profile] scintilla10, [ profile] lunchy_munchy, and [ profile] paraka all came over. So many LJ fangirls in one place! \o/ It never fails to be delightful to have the opportunity to talk about fandom and fannish things with others IRL.

Also, it's totally trippy to meet podficcers face-to-face! Every time I look away while [ profile] paraka or [ profile] lunchy_munchy speak, I get a sense of "Omg, it's like listening to podfic! But not! HOW IS THIS REAL LIFE." And then, when I turn back to face them, I'm all, "I recognize those voices! But not the faces! Mindboggling!" (I'm easily mindboggled, so sue me) For the first hour, I was all, "YOU'RE VOICES ON MY IPOD. COME TO LIFE." O_____O

Everyone was so nice! And sweet! And [ profile] scintilla10 sang a filk! And we all recorded podfic! And I was just listening to the podfic that we recorded and I was all, "THEY BECAME DIGITAL VOICES AGAIN. ONLY, MY VOICE IS WITH THEIRS. HOW IS THIS REAL LIFE." SO TRIPPY, I CAN'T EVEN--

(I just had to share that. I AM MINDBOGGLED. Now I'm going to go get some much needed sleep.)
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1. 8 Dreamwidth codes, if anyone still wants one:
here! )

2. I watched Bridesmaids the other day, at the suggestion of a friend who's not even into chick flicks. I suppose Bridesmaids deviated slightly from the usual type of chick flick, even though the overall storyline was still very much in line with typical chick flicks. The humour was certainly much cruder than I'd expected (and the ending was a bit OTT and unnecessary ;;;). It was entertaining enough -- and I think it even passes the Bechdel Test! cut for spoilery comment )

3. I started watching Happy Endings because my usual 20-minute sitcoms are on hiatus. I didn't go into it with very high expectations, but it's surprisingly entertaining! I went through about six or seven episodes today. ;;; (as an aside: I find it tiring to watch more than two 42-minute episodes back-to-back, but somehow, watching six 20-minute episodes back-to-back is no problem at all...) The characters are fairly likable (and Penny looks remarkably like Genevieve Cortese...) and it's not all about how members of the group have all dated each other and/or want to date each other, which is quite refreshing.

4. I love recording podfic, but editing is no fun at all. For some reason, I can't record/speak for more than a minute without stumbling! However, when I was reading the first chapter of George's Marvelous Medicine aloud to my housemate (don't ask why), I was able to read through it just fine, with minimal stumbles. :|:| I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

5. I went on a Dresden Files fic kick for a little while (I blame [ profile] lemniciate -- Inception and The Social Network were her fault too!), even though I'd only read, like, five chapters of the first book. I found it difficult to get into the first book (which is why I stalled after chapter five), but I decided to give it another shot and try the audiobook this time. It's read by James Marsters, who does a fairly good job, but I'm finding that he breathes too deeply, too much. XD;;; I think I've been spoiled by the numerous awesome podficcers in fandom!

6. I need an online nickname! I'm 'fishpatrol' on LJ/DW and 'fishling' on a couple of other sites, but neither are very good names to call me. I used to go by 'Meemo' (back in my meemobunny days), but I feel like I've outgrown it (but those of you who knew me as Meemo back in the day can feel free to continue calling me that :)). [ profile] postingwhore calls me 'JJ' and [ profile] cantarina1 is trying get me to respond to "Patty" (WHICH MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL OKAY; but sure, I'll respond to "'trolling" XD).

7. A friend from Boston invited me to go visit her in August, and hopefully I'll be able to go at least somewhere in August since I'll be done my comprehensive exams by then and will be in dire need of a break. If I fly out to Boston, I'd like to visit some of the surrounding cities as well (I haven't been to NYC or Washington DC in over ten years). Do any of you guys live around the area and/or are planning to visit that area and want to meet up and hang out/be fangirly together/visit museums (BECAUSE MUSEUMS ARE COOL)? I promise I'm nice and won't bite (I won't bite even if you want me to because human flesh is kind of ucky D:)! :}
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SPN 6x21 & 6x22, spoilers beneath the cut obvs )

+ I can't believe I watched Swan Song a year ago! It doesn't feel like it was that long ago. I remember getting into SPN half-way through Season 4 -- oh wow, I can't believe it's been so long...!

+ In other SPN-related news, I haz tickets for Creation Con in October! Imma see Jensen Ackles in 3D! \o/ This is to make up for all of the times I've wanted to go to a con (ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY) and/or concert (ON THE OTHER SIDE OF ANOTHER COUNTRY) and didn't go. I am excite!
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I was looking for the Glee version of Pure Imagination on Google (I love this song so, so much ♥ All covers/versions of it!), and the third link that comes up from the search is a J2 AU fic that appears to have nothing to do with either Glee or the song. Maybe it's a sign that I've been reading too much J2 fic lately and even Google is picking up on it (but the link wasn't to LJ, where I read most of my fic!) -- ahhhh, sentient-and-mind-reading Google!

I've been failing so much at writing up papers lately, I can't even-- /o\ It's hard enough to write up projects that you came up with yourself; writing up projects with fast-and-loose theory that you didn't come up with is even more difficult. The problem with procrastinating is that I end up doing so much useless shit (like, not even fandom!productive -- I can't remember the last time I even attempted to draw fanart :x) and absolutely nothing gets done. *tears hair out*
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1. I keep writing up LJ entries in my head, but I guess they are of very little use if I don't post them. ;;; [ profile] postingwhore kindly nudged me to remind me that I haven't posted in over three weeks. I want to post more regularly, but I keep getting distracted by other things! Also, school is still kicking my ass, big time. If I posted more regularly, I suspect my entries would be filled with things like: "And today, I tried reading fifty million articles and write up a paper in one go and I realized that it was a Very Bad Idea."

I did my Presentation of Doom back in April and I thought that was going to be the major hurdle. It was a pretty massive hurdle, but now I'm inundated with all the work I've neglected and I have supervisors and collaborators emailing me with stuff like, "Where is the data/write-up/analysis/study design" and I'm all, "D: D: D: *hides and procrastinates more*" My way of dealing with stress is to read fic and let me tell you, that is a terrible coping method.

2. MEME!

1) Comment to this and (if you want) I will give you 3 (fictional) people.
2) Post this meme to your LJ with your answers.
3) Provide pictures/text descriptions and the names of the 3 people.
4) Label whom you would shag, marry and (push off a) cliff.

[ profile] postingwhore gave me: Dean Winchester (SPN), John Sheppard (SGA), Atobe Keigo (PoT)

These were tough choices! But it did give me an excuse to go through my SPN/SGA/PoT picture folders and ogle at all the pretty. I also realized that I have very few pictures of Dean (if Jensen were on this list instead of Dean, I suspect my answers to this meme may be very different...).

...and onwards! )

3. The keynote speaker at last week's conference talked about some really interesting research about the psychology of scarcity and how people can be "money poor" or "time poor". ... )

4. The topic of marriage comes up more frequently now that I'm often with people who are several years older than me. One of the fifth year students expressed her surprise when I told her than I'm not particularly invested in the idea of marriage for myself. ... )

5. So, despite my antisocial mannerisms, I had a lovely, brisk walk with [ profile] cantarina1 around the neighbourhood. That was a particularly efficient and healthy way of "hanging out" (as opposed to huddling together in front of a computer screen, as we often do ;)). If we make this a regular thing, perhaps I'll be able to shed a layer of padding around my middle that I've picked up during my semester of thinking-about-going-to-the-gym-but-never-actually-going.

6. Now for something completely different: so, the other day, I came across a discussion about the importance of technical quality in stories posted online. Some of the people involved in this discussion were appalled that some readers would completely skip over stories that had grammatical mistakes and other errors. "The authors are writing these stories for fun!" they said. "They're even posting the stories for free, you entitled readers!"

As for myself, I have three general rules that I use to decide whether or not I will read any particular story (I would've sworn I'd written about this at some point in time, but maybe it's one of those in-my-mind!entries that I'd never gotten around to writing out and posting). I developed these three rules-of-thumb back in high school, during my Harry Potter days, when I realized that there was more fic being posted than I had time to read.

cut for length. i haz ~opinions )

Tell me about what makes you click the "back" button!

7. I should post more often so that I don't end up spending 40 minutes trying to write up an LJ post.

8. Is Firefox 4 actually faster or does it just look Chrome-like, with no actual redeeming qualities?

eta: Adding more Lj-cuts because long entry is long. ;;;; [/spamming your flists]
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It's been over two months since I last posted! I don't think I've ever, in the last eight years, gone so long without posting! \o\~~~ Obviously, school is eating me alive. I have a mouth ulcer -- apparently it's due to stress. :| :| Classes are done now; I still have a major presentation on Monday (every time I think about it, my stomach clenches D: Deep breaths, self, deep breaths) and a bijillion research projects to catch up on because I've been neglecting a least three of them for weeks now.

I've been lurking like lurky McLurker -- every time I thought about posting, I'd feel a bit guilty since I haven't been commenting much and I'd also feel guilty about LJ-ing rather than working (but that didn't stop me from F5-ing my flist constantly...! ;;;;)

I resisted getting a DW account for ages, but I finally caved after all the DDoS attacks and I couldn't get LJBook to work and back up my journal for me. So, I'm fishpatrol over there as well. I haven't had a chance to poke around the site much -- the subscription vs. giving access vs. whatever confuses me greatly, so I haven't added anyone yet. Feel free to add me over there (and let me know if I'm supposed to subscribe to you? give you access? do an interpretive dance and sing a song??). I haven't set up cross-posting, but I may join communities or something over there so that I'll at least have some form of a flist to refresh if Frank starts nibbling on the wires again.
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For [ profile] sugareey, who requested Merlin, Supernatural or Harry Potter:
(note: I chose to go with Merlin)

Pronking! )

I was browsing on today (and catching up with all the entries I missed!) and there were all these photos and videos of alcapas (look at these baby alcapas pronk!) and I was all, "OMG THEY ARE SO RIDICULOUS LOOKING. BUT SO CUTE. THEY'RE LIKE REALLY WEIRD VERSIONS OF LLAMAS. THEIR FAAAAAACES OMGGG. \o\" So I thought it would be appropriate to draw Arthur and Merlin riding one, idek. :">
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For [ profile] cantarina1 (happy birthday♥!), who requested Neal and El, hats:

Hat trick )

For [ profile] akintay, who requested J2, sleeping:

Puppy pile )

The rest of the sketches will probably be posted after the holidays (i.e. after both Christmas and New Year's) because I'm slow I'm heading back to campus tonight to proctor an exam tomorrow morning (D:) and then try my best to grade eighty-nine exams in less than two days (D:!!) and then I'm off vacationing (:D) until the 30th. If I don't post again until then: happy holidays, everyone♥!
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Ugh, you guys, it is such a bad idea to not start on a research paper (on an area that I'm barely familiar with) until the day it's due. *facepalms so hard*

Entertain me as I slowly climb my way to 3000+ words? :]

Meme snagged from [ profile] lemniciate:

Please post anonymously and give three hints about yourself. I will try to guess who you are.

(I forget how to turn off IP logging -- uh, you'll just have to take my word for it that I'm not checking IP? :D;;;)

eta: 50% done (I'm not writing the methodology until S comes home and walks me through a methods section of a neuroscience paper :|:|) Dinner + TV time :DDD


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